7 Best Sybian Machines | Sybian Saddle Ultimate Buying Guide

#1 The Original Sybian
The Original Sybian Saddle

  • Can be thoroughly washed after each use.

  • Does not contain latex rubber, PVC or silicone rubber. So it won’t cause skin irritation at all

  • 3 different color options available for you to choose from.

#2 The Cowgirl Premium Riding Sex Machine

Cowgirl Premium

  • 2 high-quality attachments included in the box.

  • A highly stable base stays in place.
    Remote control or cordless use available.

  • Great features and design

#3 The Tremor Rock & Roll Sex-Machine.

  • More affordable than the Classic Sybian

  • Operations and functions are quite simple

  • Can be cleaned easily

#4 The Rumble Seat

  • Clean design

  • Comparatively cheaper

  • Less noise

  • Not very bulky

A steaming ride to melt your loins. A dirty secret to please your groin. A lonely sucker of a guilty pleasure, if that’s what you are, have a look at our stash. You might get perplexed at the multifarious it’s full of ecstasy and unending fun, hold your desires tight, our sexy article has just begun…

What is a Sybian/Vibrating Saddle Machine?

Sybian is a brand famous for creating saddle-like sex machines that have been widely loved and used since the last 1980s. They have grown to be even more popular ever since. These saddle sex machines were initially created for women to have amazingly intense orgasms without any man or partner. To state it is the easiest words, this is created for women to masturbate by just sitting or *riding* this saddle sex machine which had a moveable penis-like structure or a dildo attached at the top which moved in and out of the pleasure hole giving a realistic sexual experience to lonely women back then.

It was created nearly thirty years ago and it has been evolving ever since. There have been many changes in the overall outlook and structure of these saddle sex machines and also in the features and functionality as today, there are many saddle machines available in the market which can also be used by men as the feature of anal stimulator or anal Vibrator has also been added to these ever-evolving mechanism of Sybian machines. The creators have been trying their best to add more fun to your already amusing sex ride by adding to more settings and vibrations to these saddle machines.

The Sybian machines allow a user to fully explore their loins to the most and they are proved to be loved by many for their expertise in G-spot stimulation. Just like different flavors to your ice cream, these saddle machines can also be mounted with different kinds of G-spot stimulators or different kinds of Dildos. You just have to choose your best and start the ride and it is sure your ride will end really soon as they are the champions when it comes to orgasms.

Since there are many more sex toys available parallel to these classic Sybian machines, one would surely wonder the specialties of saddle sex machines, we are here to unfurl every feature of these lovely toys and would also help you choose the perfect Sybian for you, in case you are looking for one. Now, this machine is non-biased when it comes to gender and can be used by women and men alike as it offers top-notch vaginal and anal penetration. Have a look at what all we have gathered here just for you!

Dear readers, we have reviewed Sybian sex machines/saddle sex machines from around the global market to provide you a perfect buying guide for a heavenly and perfect saddle ride experience!

We have made it easy for you to choose from a wide range of types, functions and body shapes easily as our list is highly versatile and we have only the best-handpicked products from the best-ranked sites in the global market!

Have a look at our listicle and once you are done reading it, you’d have a clear choice in your mind and you’d be ready to just buy and enjoy!

We have narrowed down our list to the seven best Sybian and Sybian alternatives available in the market and we will give you a quick review and description of each and every product, at last, the choice is all yours!


7 Best Sybian Sex Machines

The Original Sybian

Origional Sybian for Women

This is the original Sybian sex machine, the ‘OG’, if you will. It has been in the market for more than 25 years now. This device will stimulate 2 of the most stimulating motions i.e rotation and vibration, multiple attachments are also included with it offering multiple variations in rubbing the  G-spot and the clitoris.

This Sybian device is one of the most sophisticated sex toys present, it provides a wide range of arousals ranging from tender to extreme.  4 attachments (Smooth Flat Top, Small, Medium, and Large RealLike), Sliquid Lube packets are provided so you can experience a more arousing session and even try for anal play.

The most important electrical aspect of this device is that it can be used anywhere in the world, you just need to know the voltage supply of the place you’re staying at and accordingly, you can change the ‘auto-convert’ dial to the most suitable voltage setting provided.


Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 13.2 x 10 inches

Weight: 22 pounds

Material: All the attachments and accessories of this product are built with TPEs


  • can be thoroughly washed after each use.
  • Does not contain latex rubber, PVC or silicone rubber. So it won’t cause skin irritation at all
  • 3 different color options available for you to choose from.


  • Slightly expensive
  • The platform seat isn’t very comfortable




The Cowgirl Premium Riding Sex Machine

Ranked No. 1 in Our Research

The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

The cowgirl premium riding sex machine is not a very affordable Sybian alternative but it’s definitely great for the people who would like to explore their inner fantasies and spice up their solo sexual experiences with a high-end machine.

About this device:

This saddle comes with two silicone dildo attachments of different lengths and uses. They are made of high quality and non-porous silicone which is very safe to use and these can be switched between clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation.

Since this is a high-end election Sybian alternative, it offers a smooth 360° rotation of the attachments with different modes of vibration that enhance your pleasure even more!

This amazing saddle comes with an LED remote which can be used to control the width of the rotation while you are riding it and also the pulsating patterns of the dildo. The remote is convenient for solo play and also can be used with a partner as your partner can hold and control the remote for you as you dive in the ocean of sensuous pleasure.

This saddle also offers control through a smartphone application that can be used from a distance of 100 feet. You can install the application in your partner’s device and let him please you even from a long distance.

This handcrafted machine has a long cord so it can be easily taken to any corner of the room without any problem and the built quality of this saddle is also premium. Its texture is non-slippery and very stable so you won’t fall back even after intense thrusting.


  • 2 high-quality attachments included in the box.
  • A highly stable base stays in place.
  • Remote control or cordless use available
  • Great features and design


  • Excluded from Lovehoney’s usual return policy
  • Quite Expensive



The Tremor Rock & Roll Sex-Machine.

The Tremor sybian

This is a delight to your loins. A real delight to your pocket too. This tremor rock and roll sex machine is one of the best Sybian alternatives available in the market as they are powerful enough to send beautiful tingling vibrations to the most erogenous parts of your body and would make you squirt in minutes and get you weak in your thighs.

This Sybian alternative is special to guarantee multiple orgasms to people who never knew if that was a thing. Oh yes!

This tremor has a very comfortable build and design to allow the user an easy and happy ride. This pad can be removed fully and be washed with ease anytime so it does not demand high maintenance and cleaning.

This tremor comes with a remote control that can be operated either by you or your partner easily and it is very compact.

This tremor comes with two dildo attachments and it is also compatible with the original Sybian and the motor bunny attachments which makes it a highly versatile Sybian alternative offering umpteen kinds of pleasures to the user.


  • More affordable than the Classic Sybian
  • Operations and functions are quite simple
  • Can be cleaned easily


  • The short cable of the remote controller
  • High-intensity vibration can be unpleasant to the ears



The Rumble Seat

The Rumble Seat Rise for Sybian

This is an example of a ‘Saddle Machine’. If you’ve never used a dildo before, or are not sure how to use it then this product is ideal for you. It’s the most affordable and the ‘easy to ride’ machine, as the name suggests, it will provide you with the ‘rumbling vibrations’ throughout your whole body just by working on your clitoris.

The curved and smooth design ensures ease of use in multiple positions but is ideal for the ‘saddle position’ which is the position in which you are in while riding a horse. The design and looks of this machine are also really attractive.

It doesn’t need to be charged, you can just plug it in and ride it anytime you wish to. And you can even flip your position backward to get a feel of rubbing in the reverse cowgirl position. You can grind in the vibrating ball for extra pressure on the clitoris leading to extreme pleasure.

The only drawback of this device is that it doesn’t offer extreme vibration intensities, the power output is limited and thus it is ideal for beginners mainly, the veterans might want to go with some other product if they’re looking for excess stimulation.

Weight:  7 pounds

Product Dimensions: 1 * 2 * 1.3 inches


  • Clean design
  • Comparatively cheaper
  • Less noise
  • Not very bulky


  • Weaker vibrations
  • Not as ergonomic


 The MotorBunny Starter Kit

Motobunny Sybian Alternative

The motorbunny starter kit is the deal if you are looking for a Sybian alternative without really making holes in your pockets or going blank in your bank. This is relatively cheaper than the other Sybian alternatives available in the market. This Sybian alternative comes with a remote-operated technology that is very convenient for both solo and partner play. This kit comes with a multiple attachment availability which can really personalize your wild ride.

This motor bunny kit does not come with attachments already given with the products. The customers need to buy the attachments separately.

This product has a premium built and design and a clean outlook and is very convenient to use as it is very comfortable to sit on.

This motorbunny kit is electronic so it creates a loud noise while operating so the user can either use it on their beds or place a thick carpet, bed-sheet, or Balmer beneath the machine to let it absorb the vibration and allow a discreet play with maximum privacy.


  • Pocket friendly.
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Comes with 4 types of attachments


  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Requires assembling
  • Attachments need to be bought separately



The LoveBotz Saddle Deluxe Machine

LoveBotz Saddle Deluxe

Howdy cowgirl! Ready to play a game?

Now you can hand over the remote to your partner and let them control the vibration intensity and let’s see for how long you can keep yourself on the seat.

This Love machine has a wide range of pulses and vibration speeds, with a comfortable base to sit on and a firm dildo at your service. You can sit your ass down on the padded seat and feel the deep penetration of the dildo inside your vagina, and wait for it to start giving you its powerful strokes. It won’t just give you a climax, it’s ready to give you climaxes.

If you want to handle the remote control by yourself, you can attach it to the front side while riding it so you can change the speed whenever it’s too much or too little for you. It can be used with water or silicone-based lubes as well.

And don’t you worry about getting it dirty because of all the multiple orgasms you will get, you can very easily clean it with warm water and non-abrasive mild soap.


Dildo measurements:

Length: 6 inches

Diameter: 1.75 inches

Base of dildo: 9.5 inches long &

3.75 inches wide

Saddle description:

Length: 13.5 inches

Height: 7.5 inches

Width:12.3 inches

Material: TPE, faux leather, ABS.


  • Many strong and gentle vibrations available
  • Easy to clean
  • Firm and strong dildo
  • Detachable cord remote


  • Relatively heavier than most of the machines
  • Very basic design



Lovebots Love Glider

Lovebots Love Glider

The one where my comfort and orgasms collided!

Love Glider is one of the most comfortable stimulating rides ever created. It has a highly clean and well-built structure without any extra mechanism fit to it. The reason behind it being one of the most comfortable rides is the plush cushions or thigh seats attached on the top of it at both the sides of the dildo. This is a really comfortable seat for anyone to just sit and ride without irritating your skin or worrying about an uneasy surface area which might cause pain to either your thighs or feet. This saddle sex machine demands a user to just on it and align his hole with the dildo and use their own body to thrust against the saddle with desired speed and motion. Having Intense orgasms would become a cakewalk for anyone who understands this comfortable machine totally and uses it to maximize their pleasure. This Sybian alternative comes fully assembled to avoid any kind of hassle or confusion while using it. The users only have to pick any of the dildos that come with the device and go on with the ride. Both vaginal and anal penetration is possible with this saddle and the user can switch the types of Dildos to savor different kinds of pleasures.

This saddle demands no cords while using and the users need to thrust their bodies themselves to make it work so this glider can be used in any corner of the house without any hassle. This glider is also compatible with many kinds of vac-u-lock dildos so you don’t need to worry about getting bored with this ride ever!



  • Very comfortable and padded seat
  • Front holder is provided for a better grip


  • Assembling all the parts is a task
  • Construction won’t be possible even if a single bolt is missing

“It came fully assembled in an unmarked box that was about 2.5 x 3 feet.  The setup was easy and I was saddling up for a ride within a few minutes of its arrival.”        ~says a happy customer.


Frequently Asked Question About Sybian Saddles


How much does a Sybian cost?

The Sybian is relatively expensive as compared to other sex toys. The classic (primitive model of the Sybain Sex Machine) costs around $1300 – $1400 and the newer and more developed model can even cost more than $2000, and some are cheaper as well, lower than $1000 making it a somewhat affordable for the sex toys enthusaists around the globe.


How to use a Sybian

The Sybian was developed to fulfill the objective of hyper-realistic sexual experience, making the physical nature of the product seem less artificial and help the user get past this by increasing the level to which the sexual arousal can be achieved by anyone.

The basic idea of this machine is that the user (generally a woman, but it can be used by men either, more on that later!) sits on the platform provided at the top of the machine and inserts the dildo inside their vagina or anus. He/She starts the machine and the dildo starts vibrating on the settings instructed to it via the meters provided on the side. So it’s up to you whether you want to use it as a device for masturbation or include it in your sex life as well. You can use it with your partner as well, ask him to come watch you getting the pleasure with the automatic dildo and caress your erogenous zones at the same time, one thing is pretty sure that this little manoeuvre will exhilarate you.

You can control the intensity of vibrations and the amount of displacement the dildo undergoes while the machine is on, you can test out with lower speed and lower displacement and increase them to a point where you feel comfortable and achieve the desired level of arousal. If you want to be creative with the machine, well there is another way you can use it. Instead of inserting the dildo in your pussy, you can keep it outside in contact with your clit and decrease the displacement of the dildo to a minimum and just sit there while it rubs you and intensifies your level of arousal to a much greater extent than you’ve ever achieved.

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind while having any sex-related activity is that it’s not just the physical arousal that counts, your mental state of mind is extremely important as well. Just having someone physically rub you won’t give you the pleasure you want to get. So for that to happen, you must make sure your mental arousal is necessary too. When you have real intercourse, both your mind and body are intertwined with one another, directly associated with your pleasure level. The same goes with any sex toy, if you’re not mentally aroused, it’s going to be a little difficult to be physically satisfied. Imagine this Sybian fucking you rough, you can even caress the leather holders or grab the seat and moan louder and tell it to fuck you even harder. Small things like these actually help you increase the level of pleasure exponentially

This big boy will cross all the hurdles and get you the satisfaction you’ve been longing. Most of the women who used this product, loved it absolutely. And hey, you can get fucked by this fucking machine the way you want, you won’t have to worry about time or the length or the way it does its magic. You’re gonna be left withered on the seat and loud screams and sexier moans are guaranteed :p


As we have already mentioned, there have been a lot of evolution and variation in the saddle sex world, these machines have also acquired many new features and are becoming better and better at what they do!

These saddle machines come with a few settings that a user can use and switch as per their likings. The modes can be set according to the kind of motion that a user likes, or the kind of thrust that pleases one the most. The speed at which the dildo moves can also be set accordingly. The most common motions are up-and-down thrusts and vibrations, circular swirling inside the vagina or asshole, and their intensity can also be set as per the user’s comfort and liking.


The Sybian has understood the needs and choices of today’s ever-changing minds and has got even more versatile. These machines offer you the widest range of attachments when it comes to dildos and other penetrative toys. The user just has to choose his favorite kind of stimulator, dildo, or even any anal toy or plug and can simply attach it to the Sybian machines and that’s my friend, what we call, a perfect ride!

As the Sybian machines now come with a remote, the user can either use it for solo play or enhance the fun by handing over the remote to their partner and let them control you and make you go bananas with whatever they want you to experience on the saddle.

How to Use a Sybian (or the alternatives)- Guidelines

The best and the easiest way so far, to use a saddle sex machine is to simply sit over the saddle and align your vagina or anus with the dildo attached to the top and enjoy it in the cowgirl position. This position is the most comfortable position to use a saddle sex machine as a saddle is simply a seat to sit on and that’s what you should do. If the user faces any discomfort while anal penetration, they might turn and try sitting backward on the saddle and aim for the butthole if that works for them.

We have made a list of everything you need to keep in mind before buying/using a saddle sex-machine. Give them a read and you are ready to have a wild ride!

Use Plenty of Lube

The readers might think that we are stating the very obvious but it is highly necessary to use a lube while enjoying literally any kind of sex toy. You might be all high on lust and might be dripping from down there before you get to the toy but remember, lubricants create an extra layer between your genitals and the toy that offers a highly safe play and no side effects on your body as there are people whose bodies don’t take the contact of some materials easily. Some metals or even plastic might prove to be harmful for their skin and this can become grave later. It is advisable to use a good quality water-based lubricant to guarantee yourself a safe play without any discomfort or damage to your highly sensitive body parts.

Take it Slow Initially

It is always advisable to not rush into using your sex toys at their extremes out of excitement or curiosity. Initially, the user needs to fully get accustomed to the settings and the functionality of their toys. They must give it some time before switching to intense settings.

Initially, the user must take the saddle machine very slow and get comfortable with how it feels inside those sensitive areas of your body. You can try switching between the modes slowly and get to fully understand what all your sex toy can offer.

Saddle machines can offer you a realistic sex experience but as you would normally do it with a partner by starting off with some oral sex beforehand, it is advised that a user should warm up with the machine first and then use the machine after a while.

Give it time, get to know it fully, be careful just the way you would be, with your new sex partner, when you feel ready enough, go on and experience every aspect of this sexy riding machine.

Protect Your Privacy

Since these saddle machines are hefty and electronic, they are bound to create noise when they are being operated. These machines really create a lot of noise when they are used. It can easily disrupt your privacy and we are quite sure you wouldn’t want your neighbors next door to know what you are up to. Don’t worry, everything has a solution and these machines can also please you without anyone breaching your sexy ride.

These saddle machines can be kept on a soft surface like a carpet or a floor mattress. You can also use this saddle machine on your bed if your bed is sturdy enough to hold the machine in place and not dislocate it while you are riding it so that you do not end up harming your genitals because of the swift dislocation. Using it on a soft surface would reduce the noise coming from the machine and you can enjoy your ride peacefully without any disruption. You can also place a thick bed-sheet or even a blanket below the machine to avoid noise.


Buy a Few Different Attachments

A Sybian machine has many alternatives available in the market and they come with varied features and attachments.

Since different people have different desires out of their sex toys, some would want an attachment perfect for vaginal penetrations, others might want something capable of great anal play, then there would be people who are solely looking for something to bang their g-spots and p-spots.

The users can buy a wide set of attachments along with their Sybians to try out every kind of penetration and stimulation and then decide what fits and suits them the most.

There are many Syrians that come already equipped with a number of attachments and the users can shop for their personal favorite variants.


Try Grinding

Sex toys are only toys and nonliving things after all. The creators are working on making the experience for the user’s as realistic as possible but then again, there might be some users who won’t find the saddle ride experience as pleasing as they thought it would be. For these users, it is advisable to try grinding on the dildo fit on the saddle to maximize their pleasure to the highest pedestal. Solo play is only very enjoyable when you give way to your imagination and imagine that you are actually having sex with your favorite attraction and are being fucked by that very person and not by merely a machine. That’s the way.


Where to buy a Sybian?

We are aware of the colossal market of sex toys and are sure that shopping for your favorite sex toy can be a very perplexing task, as we have reviewed sex toys across the whole global market, we would recommend the best of the best of the platform to our readers and guarantee them the safest and the best products available. For buying the Sybians, kindly check out www.lovehoney.com as they have the most premium quality sex toys available and that too, in a very wide range. Avoid going for cheap products when it comes to something that is gonna be used for sensitive areas.

Who can ride a Sybian Machine

Initially, the Sybian was designed to please women vaginally and near the clitoral region, but with time people started using it for the anal region as well. So it’s not just women now, men can also use this device to satisfy thirst if they have the fetish for anal sex.

If you’re a rookie in the anal pleasure concept, it’s not recommended to try it directly because not everyone’s body supports anal sex and you have to go really slowly with a lot of care to achieve it.

Few of the steps you can follow to set up your Sybian to please your ass:

Set at Lower Levels

Everybody has an idea that anal play isn’t a piece of cake that you can just eat (ahem-ahem). It is one of the most delicate and non-flexible regions in our body, so you might want to switch down the speed and vibration of the dildo to the minimum possible.

And, it would be much helpful if you don’t penetrate the dildo directly in the anus, you should practice before jumping into the anal play, spread your ass cheeks and rub the region around your asshole with the dildo and slowly, very slowly go inside, don’t just stick it in like a dart.

For this purpose, you can also get familiar to ‘butt plugs’ and use them to practice your anus for penetration, it will make sure that you won’t have to suffer any kind of anal injury while trying.

Using Smaller Accessories

Like we established earlier, your anus if much tighter and much less flexible than your coochie, it might create a problem if you try the regular-sized dildo for anal play as well. So it is advised to use a smaller accessory (i.e., the dildo here).

There are many designs of the accessories available in the market as well as online. If you’re a male, you should go for the design specifically meant to please the prostate region in your anus.

For women, generally, the anal toys are different from the regular vaginal ones because in anal toys, the tip is made narrow to avoid the unnecessary stretching of the butt hole and making it easier to slip it inside.

Take the Angle in Consideration

This is another important aspect of using the Sybian machine. Being aware of your body is necessary to get the right amount of pleasure, whether it’s real sex or with a sex toy.

You should know that the erogenous zone is located on the front side of your body, not the back. So positioning the machine such that it hits directly on the front portion will guarantee an extreme level of arousal. Using a curved attachment with the machine is the best way to do so.

Practice Prostate Milking, First

Having anal stimulation might be very exciting for the first time, you may not be able to bear the pleasure you get from it. So for prostate stimulation, you should get yourself familiar with the prostate milking process first so you can practice first and it won’t be unbearable for you when you try anal play for the first time.


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