Top 7 Sex Toys For Couples


It’s an amazing little vibrator for solo plays as well as partner plays. I saw it at my friends place and asked her if it is worth using. She recommended me to buy. In the same evening, when I came home, I ordered it online. I started using it when I am alone, believe me using Fin Vibrator was a great fun. I put it on my forefinger, turned it on, when it started vibrating it slowly took me to the new exploratory sensations, I loved it and I really wished to enhance vibrations more and more, ultimately, I experienced the best orgasm I have ever had.

I believe, toys also add tremendous pleasure to couples sex and introducing such toys in partner sex bring more contentment to both. Therefore, after enjoying the thrilling pleasure of Fin vibrator alone, I also tried it with my partner during penetration to make him surprised.

Fin vibrator’s vibration during penetration added hell a lot of excitement by stimulating my clitoris and G point. It was so convenient to use. My husband was also pleased with the joy it added to our bed time. Every time, we make love, we use Fin vibrator for experiencing phenomenal orgasm.

It keeps me happy by stimulating my clitoris, when my husband is away. It had helped me to enjoy the strongest ever orgasm. Best thing is that it is quite small and easy to carry. I keep it with me always so whenever, I am feeling like having fun, I can just take it out of my bag and initiate the show with myself. I would highly recommend all girls out there, if you love solo plays, this product is the right choice for you.

My sister has also bought it and she loved it too. Moreover, you can also explore creative ways of adding heightened fun in couple plays using this Fin vibrator. This has become my favourite toy among all and it’s always with me.

Partner Whale

Partner Whale, a satisfier vibrator is simply amazing. I’ve loved it as the vibrations are really strong which gives immense pleasure while using it. I would recommend using this product because it has plenty of satisfying features. First of all, its design, sea blue colour and ease of use as it is quite handy.

It’s material is quite skin friendly, in spite of having sensitive skin, I didn’t get allergic to it, so being hypoallergenic is another added benefit that lets you have ultimate experience. Partners looking for a product to have immense pleasure, should definitely give it a try because it makes the enjoyment long lasting, practice using this satisfier vibrator by applying all vibration frequencies and rhythms will help you knowing the best use of this product.

Partner whale has the ability to strike inside and out because of its strong vibrations so it gives a quick relief from stress or in any romantic intimate evening. Satisfier vibrator size is simply perfect to get inside my vagina and remote features helps my husband to operate it easily. It is really powerful and gets charged easily.

This wonderful little product is worth spending money on it to enjoy the strong orgasm and extended moments of intense pleasure. Let me tell you one thing, I relished more on a lower frequency at a lower speed because I found high speed pulsing a little bit distracting. However, it’s all about what a person loves and what he finds most excitable.

Experiencing the pleasure by just pressing a button on it and with the choice of selecting different vibration intensities and rhythms is what I loved about this product. Highly recommended to buy if you are looking for the convenience, quality and true satisfaction while enjoying with your partner within an economical range. It has become my favourite toy above all.


The Ohare Double Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

I would say, this rabbit cock ring vibrator is the best little toy to make my partner surprised, Trust me, it is all what I wished to enjoy with my partner. At the start, it was slightly awkward but later on when I turned it on, it fitted really comfortably and then it entirely changed the world as it produces excitable deep vibrations in the sensitive areas.

This double vibrating Rabbit cock ring has unique feature of two rings which I haven’t seen in other similar products. This unique features has made this sex toy more secure by limiting its movement. It has such a soft material which gives pleasing feelings while touching it. You just have to add some lubricant to fix ring to your man’s penis and it will bring tremendous satisfaction to your partner.

Its ears gives mind blowing clitoris massage and rings buzzing the penis, makes us feel out of the world.  Moreover, this sex device is easy to remove once you’ve enjoyed the pleasure of it. One of the commendable feature is that this device is entirely waterproof, which makes cleaning a lot more easy.

Can anyone imagine that such a small toy can bring intense feelings of excitement and contentment for the couples? Not only men enjoy the amazing sexual arousal, but also, women get completely unforgettable orgasm with this little sex devil toy. I would rate this product 100% as it helps both partner to relish a totally phenomenal climax during intimate hours of love.

What are you waiting for? Add this product to your cart and enjoy the most adventurous bedroom time with your partner once, you get this product delivered to you. I am sure the hours of added pleasure to your sex life will make your realize that it was worth spending money on it.


Eva II Vibrator

Eva Vibrator is an amazing device that takes the joy of sex hours to the newer heights. For me, using this toy wasn’t’ a hassle at all as once you wear it your hands will be totally free to enjoy intimacy with your partner. I would highly recommend to rejoice the sexual adventure using this EVA vibrator as it really takes you to another world.

I am really impressed by the fun it has given to me when I placed it inside me and I was really adoring its amusing design. Couples who wants to have sexual arousals up to extreme levels, damn…! go for it, it is going to give you real contentment. Creator of this product must be thanked for manufacturing this product for sex lover couples as this lovely sex device just needs to be fitted in vagina lips and you’re all set to experience sexual fun as it sends amusing vibrations all over your vagina and even will make your legs shake.

Sometimes my husband is busy because of daily chores, so I try this product alone, trust me it was literally surprising and phenomenal experience, so I would recommend girls to use it when you’re alone, and desperately needs to have sexual fun, I am sure you’re definitely going to love this pleasurable tool.

I simply adore its cute design, however, I would’ve appreciated more colour options because for me colours matter a lot and colours are also sexy. This tiny Eva waterproof vibrator is absolutely love for the women who love clitoral stimulation while having penis penetration.

I have tried it multiple times with my husband from the time I have purchased it and we’re both loving this experience as we have enjoyed the sex at its maximum using this Vibrator. If you ask me, I would say you will really miss the real fun if you will not buy it. This product is not going to disappoint you.


Lelo Ida

I have bought this Lelo’s Ida couple of months ago when I was so enticed by seeing it and I am totally amused by the real fun this sex toy has given to me. Let me tell you one thing about this lovemaking toy that it has dual functionality which includes vibrator’s rotating ability and you can control it via remote. I really want to share my experience with you.

I am so fond of solo plays also so when I found this product I used it as an anal massager, I was literally impressed by the way it stimulated my clit and G-spot. One of my friend has also been using it and she shared her experience of having fun with it with her partner in the bed, so the same night I planned to give it a try with my husband. I tried it while having penetration with my partner, can you imagine that this sexy Lelo Ida took us to the utmost level of relaxation by helping us reaching the climax altogether.

Lelo Ida kept teasing my G-spot along with my husband’s penis. It was all fun. Speciality of this sensual toy is because of its rotation as well as vibration. I strong recommend giving this product a try as it is convenient to use and insert in vagina. I had tried it with lubricant. Lubricating the arm of Lelo Ida with reasonable amount of lubricant will make it easier for you to insert in vagina smoothly.

Lastly, what made me happier was its sleek body, that fitted in my vagina so well because it has been designed beautifully keeping in view the female anatomy. Honestly speaking, its flaming colour had also caught my eyes when I saw it. Go grab it and enjoy the thrilling sensations..!


The Flamingo

I am so very much pleased with this product because it gave me the best orgasm ever so I would say this product is worth spending money on it. Previously, the sex toy that I was using was totally a waste of money, I bought it from a store and lady told me it works fabulous but it was complete disappointment and the frustrating thing was battery issues. I always wished to enjoy a long lasting session, with this product “Flamingo” my wish came true and I looked another fantastic world during times of sexual arousal. It is so amazing.

This Sex devil toy worked brilliantly when I connected it with the magic motion app via my phone and I played it on different vibration modes, as mentioned on the instructions, I saved a playlist of vibration mode which gave me swirling sensations inside my Vagina.

I enjoy playing that playlist whenever I am in a mood I also experienced the amusement with this little toy during intimate evenings with my husband, just inserted it in me and my partner and it was great fun..! My husband loved it too and he has same comments about this product that it is great sex toy to reach climax in unison.

I prefer using this product after applying suitable amount of lubricant which greatly enhances the smooth insertion. I will give this product 5 out of 5 stars, because I loved its performance, its quality, its colour and packaging in which it was delivered to me. I have recommended it to my friend as well. She has totally become fan of this product and she told me it works so well for her too, so I would say what are you people waiting for, go and enjoy the wonders of this Falmingo.


Mio Cock Ring

I would say this Mio Cock Ring is absolutely phenomenal thing that I have ever bought, I read many negative reviews before buying it, but based on my own experience I am convinced to give a review that this product is super amazing. It had helped me and my wife to enjoy prolonged climax in unison.

We have been using this product since long and it has always brought a great pleasure and contentment to our bedroom time. My wife has real love for it, because it has let her enjoy the breath-taking orgasm due to its low frequency sensual vibrations. Initially, we had to change various positions to have the real time fun but once the position was fixed it started its magic and also even during long lasting sex it has awesome battery, it never went dead.

I am great fan of spicing up shower with my wife by having intimacy and I always come up with ideas to boost it up & to have pleasurable time with my wife, therefore, I have tried Mio cock ring during shower with her as it is waterproof, it led to great joy by stimulating sexual sensations.

Among all the sex toys, I have used to make intimacy hours longer or solo plays outstanding, this sex tool is best of all. One important thing, I want to mention that it was not noisy, which also makes it a best choice. Hence, convenience to clean it, super cool vibrating ability and easily rechargeable property makes this sex product an outstanding option to go for. I am definitely going to recommend to all of my friends, I am sure they are all going to thank me later and to you all, who are reading my review, you are welcome in advance.



This is one of the products, manufacturers should be thanked for. I really have confronted difficulties penetrating my wife in the last few months. I went to see doctors I thought I might have some medical issues but it did not help me, then I shared my problem with one of my close friend. He recommended me buying this Ohnut.

Initially, I was of the view that how this device can be of any use to help me with penetration. I was frustrated, however, finally I thought to opt for it and try my luck. Trust me I was like “WOW, it is great”. This product literally helped me a lot because I was so annoyed that I am unable to let my wife feel the real contentment and pleasure of powerful penetration.

With his Ohnut, I achieved it and we enjoyed the best intercourse for hours. This is super easy to use. Trust me, because of this issue we were unable to plan lovemaking every day in spite of intense desire. However, this Ohnut sex tool has solved our problem by aiding us to relish comfortable, thrilling and exciting intimacy. My wife is so happy about it and I can feel her having real fun during bedtime which makes me feel harder for long.

I would highly recommend people who are facing the problem of painful sex or penetration issues, you’re at the right product choice, this product is really for you. Spend some money on it and you are going to applaud yourself for this spending for whole life. The rings are totally convenient to put on as well as take-off. After using this, I bet you are going to pat yourself at the back for making this decision as it is so relieving. Do not worry, it is totally economical go and add it to your cart.

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