Best Sex Swings & Slings – Expert Finds with User Guide

The bed didn’t quite look enticing enough and the couch wasn’t as comfy, I really wanted to try something rough, but all the furniture in my home looked grumpy. As I searched for something to get my sex drive ready, got a swing to exercise my bizarre list on my teddy. The swing’s so great, so says my mate and it’s perfect to ride after a hotshot date. Get one for your boo to try something insanely new and while buying one of these, keep our article in your view!


Welcome to the world of swinging!


What is a sex sling/swing?

Many people reading this article won’t really be aware about the products listed below. The ones who are partially aware about this might not have an idea about how they are used properly and even if you are, you still won’t be able to extract the maximum from your toy, that is why we are here to furnish you with every piece of information about the sex slings or sex swings, their price, usage, pros, cons and everything that you need to know! We will guide you about everything you and your partner needs to consider while buying a sex furniture like this, after all, every sex has different features and uses and not every toy is fit for all, as a matter of fact, swings also fall under the category of sex toys which demand your deep knowledge before they are bought. Its mechanism is a bit tricky and everyone might not like the kind of intimacy and fun that it offers.

Sex can always get boring with time. People can easily get tired of their monotonous sex routines and their partners having sex in the same usual positions over and over again. Sex can degrade if done only on bed. People have already been discovering many ways to spice up their bed-time. Many options like sex dildos, vibrators, and penis extensions have already made their way in people’s sex life but what if all this also becomes dry after a while, well, sex swings are one of the best ways to add so thrill to your sex life as it can really make you fly high and you won’t ever get dry.

Sex swings/slings are one of the most enticing and attractive. Anyone who is a lover of sex furniture would instantly fall in love at the sight of these sex slings. Other solid sex furniture is also being loved by many BDSM and bondage lovers out there but they can also take a halt after giving you an experience of a small of positions. Sex swings are unstoppable, they just do not come at a halt and swing in every way, and however the user wants it to!

As far as these swings are concerned, they have been helping many couples experience the maximum pleasure in bed because as there is no limit to how far the sex swings can go and in what positions can they be used. The users just need to sit and adjust their bodies in any way they want and align it with their partner’s body and they are good to go! Just stop here and take a mental note at how versatile this sex sling mechanism really is!

Sex swings can become everyone’s favorite as they swing both ways, males and females yes. Sex swings are not limited to giving pleasure to only one party but both the parties and this is the very feature that makes these love swings even more lovable!

People also must be thinking of how hard can it get to install these sex slings or maybe they would have to make an artificial arrangement just to use them. Trust us, it’s not that hard, people don’t have to necessarily drill their roofs to enjoy something like this. There are many kinds of sex slings available in the market with a wide range of installation options. Users can definitely choose the slings according to their zone of comfort, they can have a mindset about where they want to install them and buy a love swing accordingly. This all might sound a hassle to you right about now but if you look at the fun it is gonna bring to your life, you won’t think twice before buying them. Sex slings are extreme fun!


Best Sex Swings Picked by Us for You!

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish Sex Swing

Gather around people, if you’re looking for satisfying your fantasy of sex while floating, but don’t wanna spend too much on it, this swing got your back. It’s one of the simplest sex swings available in the market these days.

It has a ‘Murphy-bed’ design with padded straps and upper torso supporter to help you get comfortable and steady. You also get a pre-attached hook on the spring part (Yes! Now you can bounce as well as pound at the same time).

This easy design allows the maximum weight of around 300 lbs. You also need to make sure that the place where you hang this swing should be strong enough to hold it steadily. If your sex session lasts for a long time, even then you don’t have to worry about getting tired, the padded straps will not compromise your comfort.

Now you can very easily take out your sex guide and follow along with all the positions without giving it a second thought. Just don’t let your neighbors know your partner’s name 🙂

  • Fastening: Clip
  • Allergens: Latex-Free
  • Length: 20.5 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Removable paddings of the support straps


  • One of the simplest sex swings
  • Hook is pre-attached to the spring
  • Removable padding


  • Installation may take some time


Purple Reins Sex Sling

Purple Reins Sex Sling

Admire purple color much? Here you go, an aesthetically appealing sex swing which doesn’t follow the typical black color scheme inspired from porn films.

Elevate your desires and unleash the kinky animal inside you with the help of this beast. All you need to do is find a corner in your home where you can hang this with 4 fixtures and you’re all ready to rock your partner’s world. The biggest advantage of this swing is that you can just let it stay hanging, it won’t hamper the looks of your indoors.

This sling is padded properly with nylon and leather, designed in a style of a hammock and is a perfect fit for the couples who are ready to have sex anytime, as this can be put up very easily.

You can change the height and angles of the sling straps to try and find the best position as per your comfort.

  • Price: $149.99
  • Hooks: 4 reinforced fixtures
  • The material of straps: Nylon
  • The material of swing: Leather
  • Easy to fold and can be stored anywhere
  • Extra strength


  • Super comfortable in elevated positions
  • Completely adjustable


  • Low weight limit
  • Not for low height rooms

Pig Sling with Stirrups

Pig Sling with Stirrups

“Vegan swings” sounds something unrelated to sex or sex swings, right? Well, let us tell you that they can be divided into 2 categories, namely: vegan and non-vegan sex swings. As you know that generally the sex swings are made from leather, which is processed from animal skin and thus, many people don’t buy them. So if you’re another vegan person who doesn’t like animal torture, we have a different kind of swing for you. This is made from Black Vinyl-Coated Polyester fabric, which is very easy to clean! Just use a mild detergent and wipe off all the spots of your passionate sex from the night before.

Remember, you can’t fold this swing otherwise it will start developing marks and start to lose the strength. You have to roll it up and store it in a cool place. It’s very comfortable as well, you can crash on this swing and have the most passionate sex with your lover and when you’re really tired, you can just hop on and take a power nap.

  • Cost: $380
  • Weight limit: N/A
  • Straps: 4 chain straps
  • Color: Black with corner strips available in different colors
  • Material: Black Vinyl-Coated Polyester fabric
  • Rotation:  No rotation, fixed seat


  • Very comfortable
  • Is made from a vegan product


  • Slightly expensive
  • Takes up a lot of room

Screamer dual hook

Screamer dual hook

Screamer’s unique design of this sex swing will make you feel things you’ve never felt before. Their focus on perfecting every little detail makes you have an amazing sex experience.

As the name suggests, the dual hook availability allows multiple widths to fit many people according to their hip area. You won’t have to worry about adjusting with a lot of hassle inside it. Just adjust the seat according to your hip area and you are good to go. It also perfectly balances the weight of your body by delivering it equally between both sides and you don’t have to worry about burdening your swing and you can enjoy without worrying. The lesser the stress and discomfort, the longer and comfier that play! Yes, that’s exactly what the agenda of the makers is. Comfort and bondage play can really go hand in hand.

The most attractive feature of this dual hook sex swings is that not only does it offer a premium quality but also the looks are captivating. The handles of this sex sling are contoured with shiny and smooth metal which are very convenient to hold while swinging and are very durable and safe. Your sex swing would definitely go a long way with you because of the perfect and sleek design given to it.

The most unique thing about this sex swing is that it is not stiff, it is very versatile (more than any other sex swing) because the straps of this sex swing can be detached giving you multiple options to explore this swing and choose what fits the best. Detachable strings also allow you to experience many more Positions which would have been a case if it weren’t for this very feature. This flexibility allows your legs to get even higher and that is exactly what is needed for the deepest penetrations. The unnecessary strings won’t at all trouble you as you can just detach and swing whenever they are not needed.

If you are thinking that is all this swing can offer, you are mistaken. The BEST FEATURE that comes with this sex swing is the comfortable headrest that is attached to the swing. You won’t ever have to worry about falling back and hurting your head in case the pleasure gets too much for you. You won’t also have to keep your head controlled at all times which would hurt your neck after a while of course. This comfortable head rest gives you an access for longer swing plays without getting tired or staying firm all the time. Just put your head on the headrest and let the pleasure sink in.

The swing can be easily cleaned in the washing machine (do read the cleaning instructions that come with the particular product). This swing is also not limited to your home. You can take this to swinger parties or on vacations as it is very compact. Pack the fun for a hot run!

  • Cost: $174.00
  • Color: Black
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs.
  • Swing Width: Can be varied
  • Strap Width: 4 inches
  • Pad Width: 4 inches
  • Pad Length: 27 inches
  • Pad Type: 1/2″ Open Cell Foam
  • Swing Features: handles, stirrups, and removable straps
  • Materials: cotton canvas
  • Stirrup Loop: 35 inches
  • Bag is not included

Tied Tight Platform Swing

Tied Tight Platform Swing

This is one of the newest arrivals in the sex swings industry. Specially designed for providing comfort and BDSM style bondage and brutal sex. The base is basically a large seat divided into 3 parts, for: – Upper torso, thighs and legs respectively. No other swing has this kind of design till now.

This swing offers you doggy style on a bench floating in the air and you can even have this bench for spanking your partner. This swing does not have any constraints, but it does ask for several points of fixtures for proper stability and function. You can even place your favorite sex toys like blindfolds, handcuffs, anal plugs or vibrators, you won’t have to get on and off the seat again and again, you can keep everything in the space provided.

  • Weight Limit: 300
  • Swing Width: 24
  • Hook Count: dual
  • Pad Width: 19
  • Pad Type: 1 inch, high-density type
  • Spring Type: drawbar


  • One of the most stable and comfortable sex swings available
  • You can enjoy every possible kind of sex positions without even stepping on the ground, everything will be mid-air


  • Needs many points to mount
  • Very expensive

Fetish Deluxe Door Swing

Fetish Deluxe Door Swing

Imagine getting back from a special date with you lover and you’re way too excited about what’s going to happen next, you get carried away with the range of emotions you develop at that moment and forget that neither you or your partner resemble the movie stars shown having sex against a wall effortlessly. But don’t worry, this isn’t just a thing shown in the movies anymore, you can have the same thing with some added apparatus in your own house and experience the wave of feelings you get while pounding your partner pushed against a wall.

We don’t want you to lose that hope of having passionate sex with your lover, this fetish deluxe door swing helps you out immensely with this. Whip this swing out, hang it on the door of your apartment and get right into it. All you need to do is, get your partner into the loops of the swings and fix them properly. Now you’re ready to have it against a wall with the added advantage of not having to support the weight of your partner at all. Your partner can wrap her legs around your waist, you can start pounding her slowly and deeply.

This swing provides you with an 8-inch seat for optimum comfort level and slightly padded stirrups for enhancing your stability. It is ideal for the people who don’t want to do the hard-work of finding a place in their house to hang a sex swing (on a ceiling) and would like to use it for a short period of time.

  • Cost: $54.00
  • Color: Black
  • Weight Limit: 200 lbs.
  • Strap Width: 7 inches
  • Pad Width: 7 inches
  • Pad Length: 17 inches
  • Pad Type: ¼ inches closed cell foam
  • Stirrup Loop: 20 inches (But it is Unpadded)
  • Bag is not included
  • Primary straps not included


Whipsmart Pleasure Swing

Whipsmart Pleasure Swing

If you think that sex swings take up a lot of space in your bedroom or wherever you place it, don’t worry, we also have a compact product for you. The Whipsmart Pleasure Swing is a 14 inches wide swing base, making it the narrowest in the market. Generally, the swings are around 20 inches wide but this breaks the pattern.

Don’t worry about comfort issues, many people think that slim design will lead to lesser comfort, but this is not the case here, the lavish design offers the maximum comfort, even more than many of the swings in 20 inches wide range.

It’s capability of handling up to 450 lbs. weight should make it clearer that it is even stronger than many broad-base swings as well.

If your apartment lacks space or is preoccupied with other stuff, we recommend you to buy this swing, it’ll give you the best experience and won’t even take up space.

  • Price: $179.00
  • Primary Strap Width: 1 3/4 Inch
  • Padded: 5 inches
  • Overhead bar: 14″
  • Thick pads for maximum comfort
  • Completely detachable
  • Handles not included


  • Comfortable padding
  • 1 point required for fixture
  • Multiple color options available
  • Headrest included with the package


  • Swivel kit isn’t included in the package



Strict Leather Web Sling

Strict Leather Web Sling

I don’t think we have any second opinion on the fact that leather products are really sexy. Be it leather jackets or boots, they all look really classy and sexy. So if you’re getting a sex swing, why not get a lush black leather swing?

This comes in jet black color with guaranteed pleasure and a wild sexual experience in each one of your sessions with your partner. It is made of thick latigo leather with multi layered straps, with a side of leather pillows to support your partner’s ass.

You can use either 4 chains or ropes to hang this swing anywhere in your home.

A base of 37.5 inches length, 15 inches width and 23 inches height, this swing offers a large room for you to make yourself completely comfortable. It also comes with 4 units of 30 inches chains for you to mount it easily, even in a room with a ceiling as low as ~8.5 feet

  • Price: $499.00
  • Color: Black
  • Weight Limit: 350 lbs.
  • hook fixture
  • Swing Features: Stirrups, Pillow
  • Material: Leather
  • Includes Bag: No
  • Dimensions: Length: 37.5 inches
  • Width: 23 inches top and 15 inches bottom
  • No adjustments possible


  • Maximum Comfort
  • Safe to use


  • Needs 4 points to fix
  • Limited positions


Wild Side Sex Swing

Wild Side Sex Swing

We hope that the name of this swing was enough to make you interested in it. This is the most economical (Yes!! Wild and economical) sex swings available in the market, with a dual hook design which, by the way, is much more comfortable and durable than most of the other swings in the similar price range as this swing. The seat is padded and very comfortable, you won’t be tired at all even after hours of using it.

Offering you 5 beautiful color options for this swing:

  • Black (obviously, the classic)
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Green

Keeping in mind that sex isn’t always as clean and simple as shown in movies, we have you covered because this sex swing is machine washable!

Take out the straps in a laundry bag and wash them. Just make sure that the temperature of the machine isn’t too high because the plastic hardware can be damaged under high temperatures

  • Price: $99.00
  • Color: green, purple, pink, blue
  • Weight Limit: 250 lbs.
  • Swing Width: Not fixed
  • Strap Width: 2 inches
  • Pad Width: 4 inches
  • Pad Length: 28 inches
  • Pad Type: 5 inches Open Cell Foam
  • Material: Cotton canvas
  • No swivels present


  • Comfortable
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Color options available
  • Removable Straps


  • Requires 2 Mounting Points
  • No Spinning


Deluxe Door Swing Sex Swing

Deluxe Door Swing Sex Swing

Never tried sex against a wall by pressing your partner against it and their legs wrapped around your waist? Or tired much to do that? Don’t worry, introducing you to the Deluxe Door Sex Swing, this swing will help you fulfill that very desire. No need to worry about the weight or size of your partner or your stamina, this swing will give you the essence of that position without getting tired.

This swing has a broad 8-inch seat to provide comfort and side straps for you to maintain the proper balance and stability.

If you’re a person who travels a lot or doesn’t want to spend much time on installation or your walls and ceilings are preoccupied with stuff, then you should definitely go for this swing. All you need is a door to install it and you’re ready to use it.

Sex against a wall or a door isn’t just a fantasy anymore, you can have it, that too very easily now. Don’t let your passion and heat of the moment just go away without pushing your lover against the wall, use this wing and enjoy the heat.

  • Price: $54.00
  • Color: Black
  • Weight Limit: 200 lbs.
  • Strap Width: 7 inches
  • Pad Width: 7 inches
  • Pad Length: 17 inches
  • Pad Type: 0.25 inches closed-cell foam
  • Stirrup Loop: 20 inches Unpadded
  • Includes Bag: No
  • Has Primary Strap: Yes


  • Easy installation
  • Compact and easy use


  • Not all positions are possible


Sportsheets Sex Swing Door

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door

Sex swings was initially a mechanism thought to be designed only for people who had strong ceilings or space. Privacy was also a concern to many people who wanted to buy a sex along for themselves but could not because they had to room for attaching a permanent sex swing in their homes with full privacy. Sex swings that need to be attached to the ceilings also seem tricky to some people and might become a barrier between their desire to buy a sex along and actually buying one. This is the perfect sex sling that can be used with full privacy as it just need to be attached on the door and can be taken out as soon as you are done with sex. This also enables longer play in the bedroom as you won’t get too tired of thrusting yourself inside your partner and keeping the swing stiff at one place. The door would act like a wall adding to your comfort and would keep you partner close to you while you are penetrating. This sex sling has a highly padded seat so you won’t have to worry about your butt cheeks getting hurt or numb even if you ride it for a long period of time, say 2 hours. The handles are also provided for the rider to hold it and maintain a good balance while swinging. There are also two feet handles where you can rest your feet and it also helps you open your legs at different heights and width allowing your partner to have different levels and ways of penetration.

The straps are totally adjustable so you don’t have to think about your height as the strings can be adjusted to whatever height you want them to be.

The door you are using, needs to be tested if it’s sturdy enough to handle your weight and this swing is not designed for solo use.

  • Cost: $69.99
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight limit: 325 lbs.
  • Temporary fixtures
  • Acrylic barbells support material


  • Maximum intimacy with your partner
  • Strong and cushioned for comfort maintenance


  • Not waterproof


Fetish Fantasy Series 360 Degree

Fetish Fantasy Series 360 Degree

Sex can get boring quite easily if you’ve been getting into the same positions for a while. If you’ve been wanting to try out some complicated new sex positions to make your sex life more fun and less repetitive, you should definitely buy this amazing sex swing.

This swing provides full support to your body in different positions. You can wear the two padded fur straps and a pair of leg stirrups to get into your favorite position and enjoy to the fullest.

The best feature of this sex swing is the increased mobility and improved motion it provides as, unlike other swings it can be spun 360 degrees which allows your body to spin and swing at the same time.

This is a must have to spice things in your bedroom and enjoy different experiences while sharing it with your partner.

  • Price: $159.99
  • Fabric: Nylon
  • Super-strong material
  • Padded support and straps
  • Supports up to 350 lbs.


  • Rotates 360, completes a full circle
  • All possible sex positions can be enjoyed


  • Pads might be pushed in due to excess weight, if used for a long time in a single position

How to Use Sex Swings?

For the beginners who are trying to get a hold at this new mechanism, it is to their relief that sex swings make your love life a lot easier. People also wonder that there is an abundant availability of sex toys and furniture so why would somebody choose a swing which would be relatively harder to use and keep. The answer to these frequently asked questions is: – the world today demands smart work rather than hard. Sex swings are pure magic to the people who ae sometimes unable to try many positions because their partners are heavy, or maybe it’s hard for them to carry their partners and simultaneously have sex because they get tired often. This is a one stop solution for every trouble of either weak people or the people who have heavy partners and they just cannot be lifted for too long. These sex swings also provide you access to your partner’s genital in many positions and you can enjoy oral as well as penetrative sex in any new positions. You do not need to have a perfectly sculpted physique to enjoy bizarre sexual positions that include much body work if you have a swing. It’s becomes what kids call, *easy-peasy*

There are many positions that many people desire in bed, especially women but in reality, not many people are really able to bring them into practice just because they need a muscular physique. Some people never even try them at home thinking that these positions are something that only the pornstars are trained for but we would like to tell that it is nothing like that. For e.g. many people fantasize fucking against a wall, while carrying their partners into their arms with both hands, their partners cross their legs around the waist and the person who lifts the partner has to penetrate simultaneously, in and out. Not only does it sound so tricky and tiring, it is tiring for real and many couples don’t go for it because of this reason only, but Uh uh, that’s where a sex sling comes to the rescue! For trying this very position, a person just needs to get attached to the swing and get perfectly comfortable on it, the partner who would be standing can easily hold their partners by their hips and swing them accordingly by aligning the dick with the vagina and penetrate while swinging. This would give this very position the perfect rhythm and flow and no, nobody needs to worry about getting tired because the swing has taken all your partner’s weight and you just need to enjoy! Even reading this must be sexy, right?

Not only when it comes to bizarre penetrations but also when it is oral, these sex swings are highly versatile as they fit to your moods perfectly. Your partner can have access to your beautiful genitals in a totally different way with these swings! These swings make oral sex easier by cutting the crap of lying lifeless while your partner is working their ass off for pleasing you. You’d swing in hot pleasure while your partner makes intense love to you.

People often refer to these swings as a mechanism which is solely made for the people having weird cravings while in bed or the people who are into hardcode stuff and want to build a collection of BDSM tools. Well, sex swings might look tricky but in reality they are your helping hand when it comes to enjoying sex without having to get all tired and panting because of the lack of energy. Your sex won’t become a total workout for you in order to enjoy it more and that’s the best part of these sex swings.

You have to take care of your limbs when you are using it, if you feel that your skin is aching because of the tension in the straps, consider re-adjusting them quickly. Don’t go hard on your limbs or don’t ignore if the bondage pains.

It is important to check the weight limit while buying a sex swing. Too much pressure or weight can damage your swing instantly or it might become a cause for your sex swings to not go a long way with you. If you want your sex sling to be very durable, check the weight of your partner and also you and see it the sling is robust enough to handle that much weight.


Best Sex Swing Positions


Buying a sex swing can really bring flare to your life by making you swing in euphoria and utter pleasure. Just hang it on your door or attach it to your ceiling and you have slid in the salty sex arena with your partner. These devices are the perfect mates for people who love to showcase their enthusiasm in bed with their partners and do not stick to those usual and boring sex drives that normal people with lack of fun and will to explore more are having. People who are new to these love slings can might also wonder that these sex swings are of little or narrow use but if you explore about these fun devices on internet, it will surely blow your mind.

If the limited number of positions is driving you insane and there is nothing you are able to do about it. If your partner isn’t strong enough to lift you for long and still you have this will to try every Position that you see online in movies or porn. Sex swings are ready to make everything we listed above, a cakewalk for you!


Space Cowgirl

Space Cowgirl

Mainly the positions in which one of the partners gets on top of the other in a slightly uncomfortable manner, becomes a little challenging. For example, in reverse cowgirl, the person who rides the partner faces pressure on the knees and thighs which makes it slightly painful for them.

Using a swing will definitely help! The rider will now be elevated and won’t ever have to go through with the challenging part of finding a comfortable orientation or proper thrust intensity, they can just hop on the swing and enjoy it for as long as they please.


Elevated doggy

Elevated doggy

Not exactly what it sounds like. Many times couples get uncomfortable due to some of the improvisations in the doggy style, the heat of the moment gets the excitement flowing, but the not-so-possible orientations ruin the moment.

You won’t worry about it anymore! Using a sex swing will allow you to twist, turn and rotate in whichever manner you want to, giving you the feeling that you’re getting action in space under free fall.


Agent 69

Talking about the most pleasurable oral sex position, yes 69! On a sex swing, 69 will definitely give you a heartwarming experience, taking off the weights of both the partners from top of each other and giving them pure pleasure. The general concern of people includes that they get this feeling of being pushed down or crushed by the weight of their partner. But with this invention, you can finally say goodbye to these problems, the bottom person feels little to no pressure.

Now you can get freakier with your partner and twist and turn them whichever way you please.



Mid-air Mission(ary)

Mid-air Mission(ary)

How can we talk about all the other positions and leave the paragon of all, the classic missionary position. Using a swing will take the level of pleasure from 0 to 100 within seconds, it will eliminate the weight of your partner almost completely. Now you will be bending in a position which will strongly stimulate your G-spot and allow deeper penetration which is not possible in regular missionary without the lower person getting a bit uncomfortable.

This is also a gift to the people with physical disabilities, the swings will make the movements much easier for them.




Tired of waiting for your partner coming back home from the office tired? You can now please yourself in a position that was difficult to achieve in bed. You can give yourself a small dose of self-love once in a while.

Additionally, you can even benefit from these swings physically. They help you stretch your arms, legs and neck in a manner that is tiring when done normally while standing.


The Veteran Ass-Hanger

You can use sex swings if you are a veteran in using sex toys. You can curve your back and pop your ass out of the gaps left open, and get your partner and try anal in that position. Trust us, this will be a highly arousing experience for you! Use your hands and thighs to maintain your stability and let your partner do the work. You can even use sex toys like anal plugs and vibrators and get a double penetration experience while floating in air.


Types of Sex Swings

Finding the best and the most suitable sex swing is somewhat tough, you need to know the details to create a shortlist. Here we will tell you about the various types of sex swings and their main properties and in what situations (or places) can you use them.

Starting with the basics, we will get you acquainted with the basic terminology used in the description of the various sex swings. Majorly there are 3 accessories you need to know about:

Straps and Stirrups: These are the straps which you can use to stabilize yourself while you’re on the swing

Platforms: It is a small bed-like structure, very similar to the ones you see at salons. They keep your body straight, don’t let any body part hang out.

Hammocks (Murphy bed): Very similar to the platforms, they help you bend your body while you’re hanging in the air with the swing, they have a structure similar to men’s shorts (just hollowed out)

Majorly there are 5 categories in which we can divide the sex swings into:

  1. Classic Swings: This is the most primitive sex swing out of all available in the market. But even after being so old, they’re still very popular among couples. This basically consists of a base to support your ass and loops of the strap to support your legs. But with time it has seen many improvisations, including the introduction of headrest, multiple hooks for hanging and upper torso supporters.
  2. Door Swings: If you don’t want to keep the swing installed in your room for a long time, then you can go for the swings that fall into this category. Close the door and get ready to use them! They can be very easily installed on the doors and are strong enough to hold the weight of a person easily. They have the option of including an extra seat along with the leg straps.
  3. 360-Degree Swings: These swings offer you complete freedom of twisting and turning whichever way you and your lover please to. These swings have a sleek design and have the capability of rotating 360 degrees, making them one of the most flexible sex swings out of all. You can change positions in barely any time without any trouble, which isn’t really possible in other swings.
  4. Full Body Swings: in this category, the swings are built such that they can be wrapped around one of the partners. The straps are in control of the other partner for wrapping around the other partner. You don’t need any doors or ceilings for this one, they can very easily hold the weight of the person. But the only drawback of these swings is that they don’t offer perfectly free movements.
  5. Fantasy Sex Swings: these are the most erotic swings out of all, they can be hanged by the ceiling of the room by a hook and they give you the freedom to fulfill your fantasies, they also have additional options to help you with that.




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