Best Sex Pillows and Wedges & How to Use Them According to Experts

A hot steaming lovemaking session can make you really tired and your body might still want more. Think of settling your sexy body on a really soft cushion curved and designed in such a way that it elevates every curve of your body to meet your partner’s genitalia making it look as sexy as it sounds. Sex pillows can very well help you curve and arch your body in the sexiest positions and get your partner melting down there in no time. Comfort and sex must always go hand in hand and pillows are serving this deed just the way you desire! Dive in your comfy bed, have a soft and sexy pillow below your belly and give your partner whichever part of your body he wants. Comfort cannot get better!


Sex Pillows vs regular pillows

We are sure most everyone would be astonished to hear how some pillows are designed in such a way that they make a perfect tool to use while having sex. Sex pillows are increasingly becoming a favorite thing for many people in the bed because of their incredibly pleasing features. Sex pillows and sex wedges are not only designed to support your body from different angles while having sex but they also supply support and comfort to your whole body to help you try positions that you wouldn’t be able to try comfortably otherwise. Of course, many people use regular pillows to support their sex positions and body structures while having sex but think of something specially designed to give you that comfort, obviously there is a reason.

Sex pillows are made to support your neck region while oral sex, your spine, your hip joint, etc. They are firm and their Shape is rigid. The rigidity and the perfectly suiting angle of these pillows provide perfect support. The regular pillows of your bedroom can never match that.

Sex pillows and sex wedges have by far been kept as a highly underrated sex tool but there are many ways that these wedges can be used and they would definitely spice up your intercourse to the next level.

How to use a sex pillow to get the most out of BDSM  play?

A sex pillow’s usage is as simple as it sounds. This is basically a pillow that is designed to add to your comfort, support your body structure, help you try different positions, and help you curve your body from different angles while having sex.

They literally help you in exploring diverse ways to know which angle gives you the most pleasure while having sex. Your partner and you can go on experimenting with this pillow and discover ways to have sex that you wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Sex Cushions and wedges are available for every kind of needs. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures to fit every bracket of a customer’s desire. There are also some pillows that are designed especially for making your solo play session even more exciting.

The major perks of using a sex pillow us that these pillows help you penetrate deeper inside your partner by elevating your partner’s body in such a way that it becomes easily accessible to you. These pillows also make fast thrusting easier. They maintain a rigid shape and help your partner’s body to stay put and immobile in the desired angle and you can go on thrusting without losing balance.

Sex pillows are also very very useful for people who have underlying medical issues like Arthritis. These people might feel pain or even find some sexual positions extremely uncomfortable. Sex pillows can definitely help you have a comfortable play session and can minimize your discomfort.

To make the best use of your sex pillow, you will have to try out different angles to sit and lye on it. Once you are accustomed to the flows of the pillow, your body will easily get carried by the angles of the pillow. If you happen to curve yourself at a wrong angle, your body might ache and that is a sign that you are doing it the wrong way. Remember that your pillow is there to maximize your comfort and not pain. Since the pillow is firm and rigid unlike your regular pillows, it might cause strain in certain body parts of yours when you are new to it but as you discover the perfect way to hug the curves of the pillow, you will be good to go. A wedge pillow is not a waste of money at all. Once you get a hang of it, you’d know the multifarious perks of it. As many people rely on the regular pillow for doing the trick, they would never come in terms with how a perfectly angled penetration and a comfortable thrusting experience feels like.

There are still many people who do not face much difficulty in trying out new positions and they might find sex pillows to be of no usage to them but hear us out. Even if you are totally comfortable with trying difficult Positions, sex pillows can still increase your playtime by reducing the strain that you feel in different parts of your body while having sex. Maybe you get tired of arching your body at a specific angle while having sex. Sex pillows can totally curb this.

Using any sex tool should become easier day by day. Sex pillows are meant to feel like comfortable support once you get used to it. They are always used to enhance your comfort so if it feels uncomfortable even after using it for some time, it is possible that you are using it in the wrong way. Try changing the way you use it and it should be fine.

You might at first wonder how and which Positions must be tried with your sex wedge. You can start off by placing the pillow below your belly in such a way that it arches your butt upwards. It is one of the most comfortable and sexy positions that you can try. Your comfort level with a sex pillow will also depend on the shape of the pillow that you are using. These can be triangular, square, circular or they might have a bizarre shape.

It is also important to note that a single Sex pillow or wedge can not be used under every part of your body. A sex pillow that is elevated to a certain height can not be used below the neck. It would just cause you pain because your neck is not to be kept at a weird angle for awfully long. Take a mental note about which part of your body needs assistance while you are buying a sex pillow. Once you are sure about the angles and the parts, search under the same vertical.

Follow these simple instructions on the usage and just discover how the simplest of positions can become immensely exciting and how the hardest of positions can become easily accessible with these luxurious sex pillows.

How to maintain your Sex Pillow?

If you want your sex toys or sex furniture to go a long way with you, it is necessary to keep in mind that just like you need food to survive your sex pillow also needs timely maintenance to function for a long time without getting damaged. You can go hard on your partner but please spare the pillow who is only making it easier for you. Have the heart to remove your pillow cover once in a while and wash it carefully without damaging its fabric. Do not use rough and hard detergents. In case your pillow get messed up by (you know what) please clean it as soon as possible or it might retain the stains and that is something you really wouldn’t like.


How to Choose a Sex Cushion/ Things to keep in mind before buying a sex pillow

Choosing the right Sex pillow for you can also demand a lot of research before you land a perfect one that fits your needs. Here is a quick guide to how you can choose the perfect pillow!


First of all, consider the size and shape of both yours and your partner’s body. Some pillows are near the same shape as your regular pillows but the ones that are big, like a ramp can demand a big space on the bed. Choosing a decent size accordingly is important.

Since sex pillows come in a wide variety and sizes, there are many pieces that can easily be disguised as regular pillows and you can use them even normally but there are some pieces that literally match the size of your body and they require ample space to be kept. If privacy is one of your primary concerns, you need to choose the pillow accordingly.

To perfectly monitor the durability of your sex pillow, there are certain points that you should check before buying a sex pillow. Make sure you end up paying for something that would go on for a long period

The four major traits that you must check for assessing the quality of a sex pillow are:


The best quality pillows are mostly hand-stitched to give you are a quality that machine-made pillows can never match. The thread used for sewing these pillows is very thick and extremely durable so you will not be facing any issues with the stitches coming off after a short usage duration or when/if you apply pressure on the pillow and move it explicitly.

Weight and stuffing

There can be many things that would affect the weight of your sex pillow. They can range from the kind of stuff inside the pillow or any other dense material used to fill the pillow. There are also many pillows that have a foam or gel filling inside them. You can choose the material according to how sturdy or how soft and comfy you would want your pillow to be.

The cover

The cover is also an important part of the pillow. Good quality pillows come with a nice removable cover that can be washed easily if things get dirty in bed. The texture of the pillow cover also matters a lot. If the surface of your cover is slippery, you might face some difficulty adjusting your body at a certain angle and keeping it there. If your pillow cover is rough, you might get rashes on your bare skin by rubbing.


Versatility is a major concern when it comes to any sex toy. You wouldn’t want to invest in a sex toy that becomes boring or monotonous after using it for a while. While looking for a sex pillow, keep everything you want to try with your pillow in your mind, and then choose. Don’t go for a pillow that can easily help you with your favorite position but isn’t really helpful for a lot of others. The more the merrier, that’s the motto!

Once you start using and loving sex pillows, you can expand your sex pillow collection by going for different shapes and sizes and discover how different kinds of sex pillows are a great source of satisfaction for both the parties.

The best sex pillows to Buy


The Wedge

The Wedge

The wedge is called the OG and considered to be one of the best sex pillows manufactured by Liberator nd this pillow is the perfect choice for people who are looking for their first sex pillow. 

The design of this pillow is very compact and can be easily kept anywhere and can also be hidden. The dimensions of this pillow are (14Lx24Wx7H). The best sex pillow are inclined at an angle of 27° and the Wedge has this ideal angle in its design to give you the perfect sexual experience with your partner. This angle is perfect trying out positions like doggy style and it is also best suited for anal sex.

Just place it under your belly and elevate your hips to have the deepest penetrations and get your g-spot melted in no time. It is that good!

The little lift in this pillow makes it a perfect pillow to be used while havign oral sex with your partner as it grants you clear access to your partner’s naughty spots and reduces the pain in your neck giving you great comfort.

This compact wedge sex pillow can be easily paired up with the sex pillows to create typical angles for trying out many bizarre positions and it is way too much fun to explore


  • This pillow is perfect for beginners.
  • The compact size makes it easy to use, hide, and carry.
  • The density of the foam is high giving you full support.


  • Expensive


The Hipster Sex Pillow

Hipster Sex Pillow

This is the perfect fusion of comfort and pleasure. The hipster sex pillow is designed in such a way that it hugs every curve of your body and adjust itself in the perfect way to give you the best feel and the best comfort.

This sex pillow is super wavy which helps you explore many new kinds of positions without any discomfort. The unique shape of this pillow that involves two curves that are high and low can serve multiple kinds of functions for multiple body parts. This pillow can raise your head comfortably for oral sex. It can provide intensive support to your back and your knees and it can help you keep your body arched and curved in many different positions without getting tired. The angles are carved in such a way that sex becomes butter smooth. It allows the deepest penetrations easily with interrupted support. G-spot stimulation is an easy-peasy job when you have got a pillow that sexy!

This pillow can be used with your partner and for solo play sessions.


  • Provides two different curves for more Versatility
  • This pillow is available in the Black Label bondage and BDSM kit.
  • Can be used for other activities like reading


  • The size is quite large.(33L x 24W x 10H).
  • Quite expensive


  • The two different curves provide great versatility to the pillow which offers access to different positions and allows smooth intercourse.
  • The larger curves elevate the hip region very well for deeper penetrations and g-spot stimulation
  • The lower angle is best for having long oral sex sessions with your partner.
  • The pillow is highly comfortable and can be used for other activities.
  • The foam is highly dense and provides firm and sturdy support.
  • Supports the back and neck very well
  • The soft covering on the pillow feels amazing against the skin.
  • The covering is removable so it can be washed and maintained easily
  • The inner liner is moisture resistant.


The Wing

Wing sex pillow

This is a fairly unique sex pillow with its incredible Versatility. The manufacturers called it a toy mount pillow but it can easily give you access to your partner’s sexiest areas in the sexiest way. It can definitely do wonders to sexual experience by giving it a kick. One side of this pillow is dedicated to your favorite dildo or vibrator for external stimulation and the other side holds a toy for external vibration and the Vibration is carried out in the whole pillow.

This is also a great pillow for solo users. The incredible shape can give you nice sensations and the straddling can easily make you feel that you are enjoying some really hot stuff with a partner.

When you use this pillow with your partner, the amazing angle allows outstanding penetrations with a way too easy access and it can improve the experience of many sexual positions with your partner.

Guess what is the most amazing thing about this? Well, you have the option to try out double penetration even when you don’t have a third wheel. You can also escalate your stimulation if you happen to own a Vibrator by using it simultaneously while making love to your partner. If you place it under your knees, it’s gonna give you an amazing and rough thrusting experience. This pillow can also be used as a platform to sit on while you are having oral sex.

  • Color: Velvish Midnight Black
  • Materials: Microfiber;
  • Measurement in inches: 24L x 15W x 9H
  • Cover: Machine-washable microsuede;
  • Length: 24 inches
  • Width: 15 inches, 9 inches tall
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Liner: Polyester;
  • Foam: Fully supportive polyurethane



  • This sex pillow is highly versatile offering you access to multiple sex positions all in one.
  • This is the best pillow in the range because it provides support to the whole body.


  • It is quite expensive.
  • This pillow is quite large. The dimensions are (24L x 15W x 9H). People with less space or privacy issues should not go for this one.



Liberator Heart Wedge Decorative Sex Pillow

Liberator Heart Wedge Decorative Sex Pillow

The beautiful liberator heart wedge sex pillow is designed in such a way that it makes the deepest penetrations easily achievable. The angle of this pillow is inclined in such a way that it helps you to easily stimulate the g-spot inside your partner. The lovemaking can never get any better and easier. Not only the blissful features when it comes to sex, this pillow also doubles up its charm as a decorative pillow that would please your eyes whenever you see it.

It is perfectly inclined to bounce up those cheeky buttocks of yours at an angle that would make it super easy and super sexy for your partner to enter inside you. This wedge also comes in a compact version of it that can be used easily as a decorative pillow in your home given it has a very beautiful shape and nobody would really make out what it does when you and your partner are alone.

This sexy heart-shaped pillow is covered in a luxurious and Extremely soft velvet cover that can be easily paired up with the bedsheets of your bedroom and what a perfect combo that would be!


  • Material: Velvish
  • Fabric Details: Velvish
  • Foam: Fully supportive polyurethane
  • Dimensions: 18″ x 14″ x 7″
  • Packaging: Discreet packaging – shipped in a plain brown box without any markings
  • Cover: Machine-washable velvish
  • Liner: Polyester


  • The compact version of this pillow allows easy and deep penetration and thrusting and g-spot stimulation.
  • It is perfectly designed to lift your buttocks sexily.
  • The cover is luxurious and very soft.
  • The cover is washable and removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Perfect for trying out different sexual positions.
  • Gives great access while lovemaking.
  • Perfect for people facing health issues like back pain or arthritis.
  • Very dense stuffing of foam for sturdy and constant support.
  • Moisture-proof nylon cover.

This heart wedge pillow is inspired by the original wedge and it has a perfect 27° angle to incline your back and hips for perfect anal and oral sex and many other traditional sexual positions. The makers have produced an even prettier shape to make it look more desirable to many couples. This pillow’s experience can be highly satisfying and comfortable.


Other BDSM Products to try


Multifunction Sex Position Enhancer Chair Novelty Toy with Handrail for Couples

Multifunction Sex Position Enhancer Chair Novelty Toy with Handrail for Couples

This is as exciting as it looks. This unique set of BDSM tools can spice up things between your partner and you really well.

The mechanism might seem a bit tricky at first but all these tools are very easy to use.

We would break down all the features of every piece for you.

Since this chair is very sturdy and flexible, you can effortlessly enjoy sex in any position. It totally supports your body in different positions to make you as less tired as possible. It supports your whole back to increase your energy in bed and decrease your pain or discomfort.


This amazing set of chairs and tools allows you to mix and match different combos of tools and positions to give you the best sex experience and to make love to your partner in ways that you never have experienced before. This chair can also be used to give your partner a very steaming and hot lap dance and the list of how you can bring this chair to use is endless. Yes, this is very versatile.

The installation process is as simple and convenient as any other BDSM mechanism. It is compact and the novel design makes it very easy to use. The chair also does not look like it’s made for something so secretive. You can easily keep it anywhere in your house and it can also be used as a normal chair.


The eye mask included in the package makes it even hotter in bed. It allows total blockage of the light and you can keep your partner wondering about your next move and let them enjoy the suddenness of your actions with a hint of fear inside them. They won’t really know what you are up to and which part you are gonna attack next.

The breast restraint meant belt is the killer piece included in the package is super sexy and you would die seeing your partner’s breast inside those sexy straps. BDSM lovers love these kinky little a lot so we are pretty sure this little add on is gonna put a really wide and naughty smile to your face.

Handcuffs? Oh, the best of the best they are. What is better than making your partner totally helpless in bed and making them beg you for mercy. Secure your sweet submissive’s hands with this beautiful and sturdy handcuffs and take whatever you want out of them without their interruption because we all love liberty!

Last but still the best, the mouth shackle included in the package is something that completes this bdsm kit perfectly. When you have taken full control over literally every part of your partner’s body, why to leave their mouth unattended? So that they can stop you from having your fun? Well, that’s not happening. Stuff the mouth shackle inside their mouth and have all the fun without having to hear NO NO from your partners. (We are not suggesting forceful action, keep it mutual always!)

Type of product: Sex furniture.

Material: metal, rubber, nylon, sponge. (Different tools have different build material)

Colors available: Black


Package includes:

  • 1xChair
  • 1xMouth shackle
  • 1xBreast Restraint belt
  • 1xEyeshade
  • 2xHandcuffs

Amazing Mall-Under Bed Bondage Restraint System with Hand Cuffs Ankle Cuff

Amazing Mall-Under Bed Bondage Restraint System with Hand Cuffs Ankle Cuff

The amazing mall-under bed bondage Is something your eyes would stop at. This is an insanely sexy tool to use during BDSM play. Bondage is almost everyone’s desire as it gives you a sense of dominance and superiority and leaves your partner totally at your mercy. This amazing under bed bondage set is something that you must give a try. This under bed bondage tool can easily be paired up with other BDSM sex toys or BDSM Furnitures and they always enhance the fun quotient for you.

This under bed bondage is versatile enough to fit different sizes of the beds and has extra length that can be easily adjusted accordingly. This bondage kit comes with a quick-release clip that is very easy to lock and unlock so you don’t have to worry about making your partner wait if/when they want to stop or they become uncomfortable.

This bondage kit is made from superior quality thick nylon straps that are extremely comfortable to wear and they are safe on the skin. They don’t cause pain in your wrists or legs when you wear them. The length for the ankles and the wrists can be easily adjusted accordingly. You can keep them as tight and as loose as your desire. Comfort is not an issue with this amazing under bed bondage kit.

Since this BDSM tool can be easily folded and has a highly compact structure, you can easily hide it anywhere and keep your little secret safe with you. You can easily carry them with you for a dirty weekend with your partner. They can be applied and fixed easily and don’t require preparation.

If you are a regular user, you can simply keep them fixed under your bed and you can keep the straps under the mattress when you are not using them. It doesn’t get simpler and you would never get such an amazing bondage kit at a yummy price like $10!

Weight: 10.05oz

Color: Red,Black

Material: Nylon, Plush, Metal

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