Best Penis Pumps in 2020 – Do They Work?

Most Effective

  • Clinically Proven (Safest Product)
  • Takes only 6 Months
  • Increased Erection Time
Sexpert Pick
Tracey Cox EDGE

  • USB rechargeable
  • 3 levels of suction
  • 2 interchangeable attachments
Top Selling

  • Manual pressure control
  • Safe for Skin
  • Shows Effect within 5 months

Do you know what makes women ogling at a man? Well, it’s his damn masculine physique, which gives a hint of his hotness on the bed with the outstanding skill of making a woman satisfied. A lady’s sensual scream proves how strong a man is, and the more you get it on with your supreme strength, no doubt, you will be the hero. Making a woman happy and satisfied at the same time with long-lasting sexual skills is not as easy as you think. Do it slowly, enjoy every moment of seductiveness by revealing each other by letting the clothes off one by one. Her sexy lingerie will raise your little asset, but do not make it in a hurry. Stroke your fingers all over her bare beautiful body to uplift her hunger at the peak. You know that your cock, as well as your lady, both expects something more from each other. So a restful blowjob will make her crazy same as you, and finally, put your naughty dick on her juicy pussy and feel the vibe with supreme salacity.

Outstanding intercourse with complete fun is an art, but to be the artist, one must have the power under the pants that make every encounter lustrous. Yes, it is your responsibility to give your ladylove the fullest satisfaction eventually, as much she deserves. The more you will invade her vagina with a vigorous cock, the more you will score high. Licking, her body with your tongue, playing with her tits, biting her booty, wetting her vagina with your saliva is all help her to make lecherous sounds. But, the ultimate heavenly pleasure you can offer her with your desirable dick that she wants to play. Nothing comes in comparison to a man’s power-packed big-sized cock, no matter, whether it comes to vagina stimulation or butt sex. All your masculinity, popularity in women, and your demand remain as usual for years-long, just because of the magical power of your precious penis. So, each time after remarkable intercourse, let the woman think about your giant dick that is responsible for her happiness, satisfaction and wonder at the same time.

It is a fact that an experienced lady can assume a guy’s expertise, but sometimes the expectation mismatch. Some men have a good physique, impressive personality, yet have some erectile dysfunction or much smaller-sized penis. There are many reasons behind erectile dysfunction like a health issue, mental stress, and so on. Such conditions make men insecure, disappointed, and upset that they reluctantly keep a distance from women. Do you belong to such a category? Well, here is good news that advanced penis pumps are now available in the market within the pocket-friendly price that can help you to enjoy the sexual intimacy, eradicating all your cock-related defects. Does not it sound great? Well, it brings a light of hope of erotic enjoyment that you always wish to have, despite having some sex-related issues. Meanwhile, you may get folds on your forehead, thinking the penis pump’s effectiveness. Many questions may pop-up at your mind regarding cock pumping products.

Well, first of all, let you know that cock pumping products are not like other sex toys that give you notorious fun for a while. It scientifically designed and brings numerous benefits when utility becomes appropriate. Penis pumps are a technical device that helps in enlarging small penis, as well as it helps to remove erectile dysfunction. Penis vacuum constriction products received appreciation for therapeutic usages from experts, including users.

Work overload, intense pressure, personal issues, and unhealthy relationship status are the reasons behind stress in life. Such conditions resulted in sexual disinclination, and as a result, erectile dysfunction leads to over sexual crave. But, using advanced penis vacuum devices, you can get back your sexual power the same as before. Modern penis vacuum products help to get-rid-off temporary nature-induced stress erectile dysfunction. One can obtain more advantages from this device, which listed below in the points. Just take a look:

  • Penis pumping equipment provides ergonomics by keeping the firmness of the tool as much as desire.
  • Such products eradicate Peyronie’s disease to the extent that leads to bent or curved penis in men. Using a well-appreciated device, you can cure the issue with an outstanding result.
  • One does not need to go under the knife for penis enlargement or curing ED or any other such like problems.
  • Surgery can increase the maximum 4-cm size, but a penile vacuum device can increase the length and girth as much your little one deserves.
  • These products are much reliable and are available in a reasonable budget, as per the delivery of results.
  • The risk factors are much lower in using penile pumps than consuming drugs or choosing other medication processes. Wrong techniques can cause penis injury, so the users must read the terms and conditions, and the utility advice carefully.

Check out below as some most-effective and demanding penis pump products listed here with discussion. So, give your glimpse down:


Penomet pumps  

The craze of this penis vacuum device is extreme in recent times in all over the world. Considering this one of the most reliable products, experts give positive remarks about Penomate. The best cock pumping appliance and the most recommended product has an uncomplicated operating system. Over ten years’ research and technique developments make this product number one. Five stars rated ideal and secure pump accredited with numerous awards. So, this non-complicated vacuum is cost-saving, and it is good enough for every safety-concerned person.


Features: Penomate originally is a manual pumping machine that adapted no hi-tech automation at all.  This revolutionary item contains a polycarbonate plastic cylindrical tube, one pressure-originating gaiter, and a single-sided valve. The tube has designed scientifically that can fix all penis sizes. It enlarges small tools with its actual size.

Manufacturers bring three different packages for male clients for Penomate’s ultra-popularity, which are:

  • Penomate Standard package comes with the penis vacuum device, including handy digital exercise guidebook, instruction brochure, with a single gaiter with force seventy. This package is ideal for first-time users.
  • Three gaiters are available in Penomate Extra package with force sixty-five, seventy, and seventy-five, along with the same products of the standard package.
  • Penomate Premium package has a total of five gaiters with force sixty, sixty-five, seventy, seventy-five, and eighty. An exclusive pump strap is also available in this package that the user has to wear during the shower. The rest items are the same as the extra package.


  • It enhances the size of the penis almost 30% by the length
  • The width also increases in an extended size
  • The product is robust and powerful
  • Adjustable gaiters with various forces
  • The pump lasts for a lifetime due to excellent material
  • It keeps away from premature ejaculation
  • An erect penis forms within a few minutes
  • No unreal shape deflection results
  • Uncomplicated product without any technical apparatus
  • It is available in four colors
  • Gaiters come with a lifetime replacement warranty


  • No cons reported against this power-packed worthy cock pump, although the price with five gaiters is quite high.




bathmate hydro pump

The famed Bathmate HydroXtreme series has five different pumps, and among all the HydroXtreme 7 is the most effective one with efficient design. The items of HydroXtreme series crafted, keeping all sizes and shapes of the penis in mind. The best part of this product is that an additional handball pump, including a hose, helps in controlling the pressure inside the cylinder. Experts recommend one needs to use this pump for thirty minutes every day with a break after every ten minutes. Up to seven to eight months’ regular practice will bring an outstanding result eventually.


Features: These are the water-based vacuum pumping devices, which designed with high-quality plastic material. The water inside the products enhances the pressure with the highest intensity, whereas the advanced comfort-giving pad makes the seal better against the user’s body. The latch valve makes the filling up of the chamber with water much convenient during the shower. The pump and the hose are responsible for the required performance accuracy along with the pressure.


  • Clinically proven one of the safest products
  • Regular use for at least six months brings unbelievable result
  • Two years of warranty fixed for these products with sixty days return option
  • Good for better and long-time erection, it improves ergonomics
  • Trouble-free utilization of handball with manual pressure control power
  • The item crafted following dermatologically tested materials, so no skin rash or irritation causes
  • The series comes with five different sizes to fit all types of penises
  • Technically in-built robust product’s pumping system has optimal strength controlling power
  • It can fix up to 6.5-inches width-based penis with the ease with 5-7-inches length


  • The only con of the product is that this is much expensive. But, the effectiveness outshine the price eventually.




What makes a product like a dick pump demanding in the users? Well, it is the cylindrical easy-to-fit case, and its pumping technology, and when it comes to the HydroMax series of the recommended brand Bathemate, users know well that the fullest satisfaction comes with suitable penis enlarging and erection improving vacuum devices. The younger version of the HydroXtreme series has some unique and outstanding features with classic technology. Men who have erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation issue can go for this product. HydroMax stands a step below of the Xtreme series due to its less robustness, but still, it can improve your skill with the well-built bullet under the pants that can kill a woman with unbelievable sensual efficiency. Buy this product and experience the size gain along with solid erection.

Features: This water-based pump supports exceptional vacuum capacity, which makes the blood flow in the penis faster, and resulted in a stiff and larger penis with long-duration erection. The item contains a Super Flow Valve process, and thus single-handed filling in the shower is convenient. The Swivel Bellows feature-enabled item can rotate 360-degree to make the chamber visualize. The extreme-soft pad is responsible for the ultra-tight seal around the product’s cylinder base. This cock pump is appropriate for the men who already have some experience in using such an advanced sex toy.

This penis vacuum device offers remarkable benefits such as:

  • Erection coaching: Users can train their body’s ability along with strong and enduring erectile development.
  • Dick enlargement: You can gain the size as per expectation with regular practice for at least seven to eight months.
  • Premature ejaculation coaching: This product helps you in preventing premature ejaculation with regular training. Adult videos can accompany you while practicing the technique.


  • The well-built device offers rigid strength
  • It comes with three color options and five different sizes
  • Clinically recommended materials used for manufacturing such pumps
  • The products cause no skin related disease or discomfort
  • 360-degree pivoting Swivel Bellow helps in viewing the efficiency
  • Measurement gauge helps in tracking the improvement
  • Sixty days return policy set for this pump, including two years warranty
  • Reasonable price fixed for HydroMax series


  • Handball is not available with this
  • It is quite tough to get desirable strength unlike the HydroXtreme version




Erectile Dysfunction is more common in men more than you can imagine. Thus most of the penis vacuuming devices designed technically to provide men relief from such weird sexual deficiency. The regular utility of most of the cock pumps gives a vigorous result with penis enlargement, premature ejaculation, and so on. But, when it comes to the erectile issue, VAX AID stands top to bring the outstanding result in a confined timeline. It is better to buy the product as fast as possible, as the product is not accessible all the time due to its extreme demand. Worldwide, men give thumbs-up to this vacuum pump due to its numerous beneficial aspects.


Features: Vax Aid V30 pump designed with modern technology, so it has some unique attributes that usually are not available in other competitive products. The prime feature is that it works in water, as well as in the air. When it comes to penis enlargement, the water power works effortlessly, and the air vacuuming enhances erection development with strength, which lasts longer. Three penis rings are a complimentary item that has various sizes. One can use the pump after putting on the penis ring that works in both the medium air and water. Supreme impact polycarbonate has used as a core material, whereas the Bellows pump skin-friendly ultra Elastomer. Auxiliary handball pump, a connecting hose, lubricant, and two comfort-giving pads come with the product, where one pad is large-sized another is small. The erection rings measured twenty to forty millimeters. A manual and an instructional DVD come along that helps to get familiar with the product for the first-timers.

Some more beneficial details listed below of this pump, likewise:

  • It helps in penis enlargement with consecutive practice to get strength, firmness, and lengthy erectile capacity
  • It helps in terminating premature ejaculation on the bed due to having the most effective water-based pumping technique.
  • Moreover, this vacuuming device also uplifts the ability to maintain a vigorous erection during intense intercourse.


  • The machine comes with a comfortable penis ring that suits different sizes with the ease
  • Outstanding results come for both the strong erection coaching and penis enlargement
  • It is convenient to use a water base, as well as the air medium
  • The device is unbreakable and well-built, so it works flawlessly for years-long
  • Clinically tested premium medical classified material never cause harm to the skin


  • This cock pumping item is quite expensive for incorporating multiple high-end technologies
  • The complication comes at first to utilize the product, which results in time-consuming practice for days-long




Nothing comes in comparison with Bathmate Hydro7 when it comes to enlarging the girth along with the length. The product earlier famed as Bathmate Hercules definitely for a reason. The water-based penis vacuuming machine is one of the highly-demanded pumps of Bathmate brand, and its craze is unbelievable in all over the world. The trendy cock pumping product is one of the oldest versions of the brand, but no other product can be a substitute for this one due to its remarkable efficiency. This product considers the most suitable one for the inexperienced men. The product received four and a half stars for its quality, effectiveness, durability, including pricing.

Features: This is the ultra-effective vacuum machine that shows the result after six weeks’ regular exercise. The water medium uplifts the activity to the highest peak with intense vacuum pressure, which is not possible to retain using air vacuuming technique. It can fix into the cylinder five to seven inches long penis before the size enlargement. In the shower or bath, the utilization of this sex device becomes suitable and convenient at the same time. The black ‘pip’ must put down, and first of all, the cylinder must fill with warm water to place it around the weak penis. The first pump seals the device with your little snake, releasing the pip. Continuous pumping requires afterward pressuring increase, until the last drop water disappears, which resulted in the extreme pressure. Release the device after five to six minutes holding at that condition. The cock vacuuming sex apparatus work with these features. Moreover, it has a quick-releasing valve that enables pressure termination at any moment. A measuring chart fixed at the periphery of the cylinder for tracking the development of your penis size.

Here in the below points, some advantages noted down briefly:

  • Three to seven times repeated use in a week can remove the erectile dysfunction issue permanently
  • It helps in enlarging the cock length with the standard size like up to 7-inches maximum with 6.5-inches width
  • This item also shows the efficiency when it comes to improving the premature ejaculation issue, boosts erection for a prolonged period


  • The virtuous and convenient item for the beginners
  • An instant release valve for decreasing the pressure whenever it requires
  • Non-complicated item comes with no attachable or changeable parts
  • Medical grade premium quality material used for manufacturing
  • It has a measuring gauge, including transparent cylinder for viewing the improvement
  • A robust and reliable product for all ages of men
  • More effective than air-based pumps
  • Cost-effective, one of the cheapest water-based cock pumps is available worldwide
  • The device comes with two years warranty alongside sixty days easy return policy


  • No handball comes along, so pumping is quite inconvenient
  • The complication occurs in achieving the actual strength unlike the advanced Max and Xtreme version



penis pump 2020

BOS-2000 is one of the leading manufacturers in producing the most effective apparatus for men’s erectile dysfunctional problems that cause low sexual performance. This reputed brand launched POS-T-VAC, which is beneficial for effective results within a confined period. This latest penile pumping device went through numerous medical tests to know its amenities. Supreme medical quality material has used for manufacturing such sensitive sex toy that gives a mind-blowing massage to your weapon to perform intercourse as long as both of you wants. A stylish model is easy-to-handle, and it is user-friendly without a doubt. Experts recommend this product if a man wants to try for the first time.


Features: This penile pump comes in three different packages. The premium kit bag contains one pumping cylinder, eight rings of various sizes, one tube adapter, lubrication, two AA batteries, instructional DVD along with a manual. This Deluxe Starter Kit runs by the battery and gives outstanding results for having an air-based medium. Fix the pump and the cylinder at first, and place the cone at the other end of the penile pump. You should pass the traction ring on the cone’s top and eventually onto the cylinder. Detach the cone afterward, and place your penis inside the tube. It is crucial to make a seal against your body. Press the red button for engaging the pump to get the required result. This automatic cock pump helps to receive a stiff, tight, bigger size penis that remains erect for up to thirty minutes. Use the lubricant all over the tube, as well as the pubic area.

Here are some benefits of the product noted down:

  • It works faster and helps men to get a desirable bigger penis within four minutes
  • It helps to give proper training to prevent premature ejaculation
  • It needs no additional effort, as the electronic device starts working once you press the button


  • It is one of the best penis pumps for the inexperienced, first-time users
  • The pump gives the result, taking less time than many hi-tech ED machines
  • Two AA batteries required for running the operation, so no hand utility
  • Different size penis rings provide optimum support for various penis sizes
  • A chamber adapter comes with the product for curved cocks
  • A skin-friendly lubricant added in the kit for smoother performance
  • FDA approved pump never gets responsible for any health or skin-related issues
  • One year manufacturer warranty set for this pump, including thirty days easy-return policy
  • The firm penis comes in hand faster with prolonged erection for better performance



  • It requires AA batteries, so a charger requires all the time before the battery runs out
  • Product quality is not robust, so the chance of accidental breakage is possible
  • Penis enlargement is not possible by using this product
  • It does not work in the water medium





This product gets much appreciation from worldwide customers, as it has a much convenient operating system. This penile vacuuming item contains hand pumping and automatic pumping technology, both. Sinclair Select Endow is an ideal product for men who have a weak arm, and who does not want to add extra physical effort, although if anybody wishes to do hand pumping, surely can.

Features:  The product comes with a two-inch cylinder that consumes the penis inside the chamber, and for thirty minutes, pumping delivers strength and hardness to your dick. Four constriction rings from .5-inches to .75-inch needs to use for care direction. You can use a personal water-based lubricant, as silicone lube is better to avoid for this item.

Give your glimpse down on some other benefit details, which are as follows:

  • A much better for erection coaching that gives an optimal result with required suction controlling capacity
  • The primary advantage is its dual operating system with manual, as well as electronic pumping system
  • The penis rings are available with the product in four different sizes for different penis need


  • A double pumping system for different wish to apply the product
  • Four efficient penis rings help in preventing ED
  • Much convenient utilization with appropriate vigor


  • The product is not well-build, and the electric pump cannot withstand accidental breakage
  • The cylindrical chamber is thinner than other fellow products, so bigger girth penis cannot fix inside
  • Automatic product but does not come with inserted battery
  • It is not compatible silicone lube, only water-based lube works




❤️ Do penis pumps work?

Yes, Most of the recommended penile pumps work with efficiency. But, it is vital to buy a suitable product, checking all the details of various products. The varieties of cock pumps have extended, and most of these have some specific features for specific sexual issues. You should know the requirement and purchase the device accordingly to get the best result within a specific time-frame, or else, you can experience the negativity, thinking penis vacuuming products does not work. So, one can do some market research to get the details of the best pumps and buy the product accordingly for receiving the outstanding result.

❤️ How to use a penis pump?

Every dick pumping device has a unique design, technology, and specification for the operation. So, the utility varies according to product designs. Some items come with handball that requires manual pressing, where others do not have this system. Some products run automatically, and on the contrary, some products require intense hand pressing. The devices come with a water-based and air-based category, which is also responsible for utility variation. But, in general, all the pumps need to seal, putting the penis inside the cylinder, and then as per the instruction pressure enhancement requires.

❤️ What does a penis pump do?

Penis pumps do multiple tasks at a time as it helps in enhancing the power of performance on the bed by improving orgasm of men. It helps in enlarging cock at its best, and also ED reduces. Recommended penis pumps provide extended duration to keep the firmness of your little one so that you can enjoy mating for a long time. Penis pumps provide rock-hard dick eventually by giving a massage to your cock and increase the blood flow. Moreover, penile pumps also work effortlessly to set unnatural arch, preventing the build-up of scar tissues that cause Peyronie’s disease.

❤️ How to increase the penis size using a hand?

Manual penis stretch helps in increasing the size for a particular time. You need to follow some steps to do so, likewise:

  • First, hold the penis head with hand
  • Stretch for almost ten seconds after pulling the penis upward
  • Do the left pulling for another ten seconds, and right pulling for other ten seconds

You should repeat the listed steps every day at least for five minutes, and for the better result, do it twice a day.

❤️ Penis pump before and after

You can notice distinct changes before and after using a recommended penile pump, according to the requirements. Before using a pump, you may follow tips for increasing the size, but most of them failed. Once you practice the course regularly with a branded pump after a time-frame can receive a desirable penis size.

Furthermore, before using a penis vacuum product, the penis may fall quickly due to erectile issues, but after using the product, the stiffness remains intact as long as both of you want to play.

Besides, before the application of the penis pumps, you may get upset for bent penis, and after using it, the problem may fade away to an extent.

Overall, before the utilization of the dick vacuuming machine, most of the men feel insecure and introverted for their disability to make a woman satisfied. But after using such pumps, they get back the confidence and enjoy intercourse to the fullest.

Penis pump results

A top-quality pump gives outstanding results after using it as per the mentioned direction. It increases the thickness and the length of your tool as much as possible, and also makes it straight. Some curvature repellent cock pumps help to cure Peyronie’s disease by increasing the blood flow inside the penis. Men’s intensive sexual issues like premature ejaculation, erection problems are also get-rid-off by the usage of recommended top-branded pumps.

 Best penis size

The ideal size of men’s penis is 5.5-inches to 6.3-inches by the length, and 4.6-inches by the width, considering females’ consumption capacity of an erect penis. But, using an authentic penile pumping device, one can extend the penis up to 7-inches by the length and 6.5-inches by the width.


❤️ Do I need to shave before I can use a penis pump?

It depends upon users. There is no scientific proof that shaving helps for better erection or enlargement of the cock. Some men like to shave the pubic hair to prevent the tangle of the pump ring with the genital hair, which can lead to trouble. On the other side, shaving helps to apply lubricant all around the penis base much comfortably. So, for avoiding unwanted problems, it is better to shave, but not necessary.


❤️ My penis has a bent or an unnatural curve – can I still use a penis pump?

Yes, of course, you can use an advanced penis pumping device. New-age technology adapted pumps work efficiently for arched penises, and some products help to get recovery from Peyronie’s disease by increasing blood flow inside the penile tissues and preventing scar tissue build-up. So, no matter whether the penis is bent or straight if it is feeble, you can surely use a suitable pump.

❤️ Can I use a water-based penis pump with air?

Yes, if you want but, the utilization of a water-based penis vacuum device with air is not considerable. You may not get the desired result by applying such a technique. The major problem occurs in creating pressure inside the chamber. The seal with the base of your penile area may not appropriate also. The suction power of the water-based penile pump is much intense than the air, and the devices technically designed with complicated formula, as per the pressure requirements. So, it is possible if anyone wants to use the water cock pumping machine with air. But, the device may not work as swiftly as it can do with water.


❤️ Are the penis pump results permanent?

It is not comprehensible yet that penis pumps can provide permanent support to the malfunctioning dick. Many products, although demand for giving the ultimate solution for the rest of your life. But practically, no such result comes in the notice so far. Most of the technology adapted penile vacuum devices provide temporary outcomes with regular practice for days-long. But, there is another truth regarding the permanent result, which is appreciable. Some advanced products can result in forever heal when you practice the operation for months-long, following the direction. So, it is quite controversial to answer yes or no, as both works depending on circumstances.


❤️ Why is water based penis pumps are better than air?

Water-based, as well as air-based penis vacuum machines, have some unique features, but the primary distinction lies in the pressure creating on the penis tissues. Expert and medical conception consider that water containing penile pumps is more effective, and such products can increase the size of the cock up to 30% than its original form after stiffness. More formidable suction power water-based pumps offer with potent vacuum effect. The reason behind the acute suction effect is slow draining phenomena from the inside chamber, comparing air medium. The pressure around the penile tissue depends upon the suction, and that is why water-based pumps score more.

Moreover, water containing vacuum machines provides beneficial support, as one can use it during the shower, so the privacy remains as it is. So the entire operation from filling the chamber to apply around the penis is convenient with discretion.

❤️ Are there any side-effects that I should know about?

Penis pumps may cause side-effects that everybody should know. Check out the below points, as the general side-effects of using penis vacuuming machines noted down in brief, like:

  • Petechiae, red-colored pin-point size dots may occur due to excessive bleeding under the skin surface of the penis.
  • Penis pumps can make the penis numb, and you may feel the coldness in the pubic area. The constriction band is the reason behind such conditions, which also responsible for bluish-colored skin.
  • You can feel trapped semen during or after the use of the device.
  • Pain and bruising are some of the common side-effects that notice in general for penis pump utility.
  • Fluid retention is another problem caused by water-based pumps only. The body fluid pulls out under the penis skin, which may cause lower fluid content in your body, but that is not harmful.

One should consult immediately with the brand or doctor if the situation of using the penis vacuum machine gets worsens. Well, all these side-effects occur at primary stages, but once you get familiar with the product, generally no side-effects you can experience.

❤️ Do I need to use lubrication?

Lubrication makes the task smoother. So, with maximum products lubrication comes as a complimentary item. Initial utilization of a technical device like penile vacuuming machine may be embarrassing, and problematic, and it can irritate for first time users. But, when you apply lubricant inside the cylinder, as well as your genital area, the application becomes much convenient.

Hence, buy one of the best penis pump products, if you have any erectile or size-related issue. A well-appreciated item will make you utterly happy, increasing your potential power at its best, to be honest. It is time you can do the little market research. Give the best gift to your dick that deserves to improve the capacity of performance that makes your ladylove crazy for your weapon.

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